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Our amazing life experiences have given us an appreciation of the complexities of life from many vantage points. We have "real life" experiences that include owning and operating several retail businesses, owning and operating a very large child care center, and farming a producing Valencia Orange Ranch.  We have operated a horse boarding facility on our ranch site and have been involved in our daughter's horse showing career that took us all over the country.  In addition to our business experiences, we both taught and coached at the high school level.  My (Gwen's) real estate career began in the early 80's, with Don joining me in 2001.  Don's superb negotiating skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of the industry and my creative side, love of people and helping each new client reach his/her real estate goals, and determination to create a great experience for our clients, put the T-E-A-M in Team De Groote!
What makes us different from others....
  • Our unique life experiences help us to identify with YOU on may levels.
  • Our dedication to YOU ensures your experience with us will be a positive one.
  • Our determination to provide YOU with "World Class Service" is our promise.
  • Our professionalism assures YOU of our positive working relationships with all of the other professionals involved in a real estate transaction.
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